Care Van® Program

What is Care Van?

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana Care Van is a community partnership and outreach program that provides vaccines to Montanans, with an emphasis on underserved populations. Care Van teams up with community health officials to administer vaccines at no cost, or low cost, to patients. The program brings services to Montana's rural and underserved areas, as well as centralized locations in populated areas.

Care Van staff does not provide direct care. Staff facilitates immunization clinics and helps partners accomplish the event goals. Ultimately, we work as a team where Care Van provides resources and support and partners provide service. Care Van is not in competition with public health agencies, but rather supplements those roles. While Care Van is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) program, it is not intended to drive business toward insurance. It is an extension of BCBSMT's commitment to give back to the Montana communities we serve.

More Information/Scheduling

BCBSMT cannot provide any direct medical services. Primarily, the program works through public health or community clinics, which provide service. The program's focus is on immunization and education, but other services may be provided, depending on the practitioners involved.

For more information or to set up a Care Van event, please call Jamey Petersen at 406-437-6155 or email